About Death Wish Creeps

By Jules Bentley

Dedicated to explicating the hidden lives behind the many victims of Paul Kersey’s magnificent murderous rampages, Death Wish Creeps is a co-production of Jules Bentley, Jean-Phillipe Ennui & M.N. Durakov.

Jean-Phillippe Ennui is a prominent post-post-structuralist French intellectual, famed for his ground-breaking “Theories of the Hypotheoretical,” author of the acclaimed samizdat tracts The Vanguard of the Ordinary, The Principles of Intractable Dialectics and Also Schlaf Zarathustra. Expelled from the Sorbonne’s Faculté des Sciences Humaines et Sociales due to accusations of ‘grotesque obtuseness’ (he once gave an entire lecture series on Lacan backwards) and for an incident in which he threw a pastry – a half-eaten Napoleon – at Slavoj Žižek’s face, calling his native Slovenian “trash Russian,” Ennui now resides in and writes about New Orleans, his favored city. In his brief Apologie, he formalized his exile to the United States – he loathes America – as simultaneously a suicide and an act of patriotism. Therefore, he explains, he has purposely forgotten exactly ninety-four percent of his native French. He retains six percent as an item of ностальгия – that’s nostalgija, for speakers of “trash Russian.”
Professor Mudak Nevazhnovich Durakov, “The pride of Chuvakskiyie Chopkii” is a leading toiletologist and authority on issues of sanitation and globalized waste transfer . A recognized scholar in the fields of toiletology, sanitation, philosophy, literature, sociology and education, Professor Durakov has had a long and exciting career. A leading dissident then as now he graduated first in his class with great distinction from the top secret Toiletologicheskii Institut and was hailed as the “Tesla of the toilet,” eventually incurring the wrath of Soviet authorities for his impertinent questioning of the system’s great inefficiencies. He holds degrees from a variety of universities and institutions including Moscow State University, the Sorbonne and the University of Guam.  An accomplished writer, drinker, lover, translator, poet and martial arts enthusiast, Dr. Durakov has published numerous works including the novels Menshe Znaesh, Krepche SpeeshLuche Vsevo na Svete, and My Dinner with Vyacheslav “The Jap” Ivankov.   Dr. Durakov believes in truth and justice but has abandoned hope. He spends a great deal of time watching American action movies.
Jules Bentley is a post-situationist Content Provider whose approach to Creeps addresses the problematically perma-liminal paradigm of “personhood” primarily via ludic admixture of the diegetic & metadiegetic from a perspective of neo-Freudian toiletology. Having devoted much of the 90s to his grant-funded performance project “B3d(sores),” which entailed seven years in an uninterrupted medically-induced coma, he at present splits his time between the Royal Academy of Morocco, where he is a Lecturer Emeritus, and New Orleans, where he is an unpublished novelist on food stamps. He did the website.

  1. Finally a site worthy of the time it wastes!

  2. Charles says:

    Excellent site. Might I suggest putting some focus on the bizarre creeps that make up “Death Wish 2″?